NetGen – Open Street Map Roassal Demo

Hi all,

We are pleased to announce a wireless sensor network animation demo in Pharo, Roassal and OpenStreetMap.

The release contains 2 packages:
1. Cirela-OSM Package consists of the visualization of geographical information using roassal with  OpenStreetMap as background.
2. Cirela-Netgen-Sim: this package allows the execution of a synchronous and concurrent Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) simulation program [1] from Pharo. Outputs of the simulation are then animated on a map visualizing the locations of the simulated sensors.

A video of the animated wireless sensor network simulation:

Another video showing Cirela-OSM:

A word about CIRELA

CIRELA (Communication and Information technology for REsiLience to disAsters) is a non profit NGO aiming at providing open source solutions to monitor and prevent natural and environmental disasters. Currently we are focusing on wireless sensor network monitoring and warning systems.

[1] This program is generated in Occam by NetGen, from B. Pottier et al. (UBO)




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