Nireas: A theme manager for Pharo

Hello pharoers , I would like to present to you my latest project and a good excuse to learn Spec. First I would like to thank Nicolai for his help and all other people who helped me out understand Spec. Of course I am still learning 🙂

So , Nireas is a theme manager for Pharo 4. What this means is that Nireas takes the dark theme and by presenting you with an easy to use gui allows you to change the colors on the fly to adjust the theme to your own preferences and habits.
This is an example
you can see the Nireas GUI on the bottom, the Nautilus on the left has the default dark theme colors, the one on the right has the color selected by Nireas.
You can find instructions on how to install Nireas and how to use here
Unfortunately the last one the scroll bar color seems to have no effect, I will have to look into it, but the other options work fine. Please note also that you will have refresh issues so its advisable to close existing windows and reopen them so they update properly to the new colors.
Please try this tool inside a new fresh pharo 4 image, this code is very experimental and has been known to crash Morphic. So use with caution.
Nireas implements its own theme subclassing the dark theme, the big diffirence here is that it defines color to be independent and dynamic so the theme can be , well, …. themable 😀
Nireas does not change anything inside Pharo so it can be installed safely.
I would like to take this tool further to allow of course deeper customisations that goes beyond just customising colors, meaning change the look and feel of Pharo. But this means unfortunately/fortunately that some things will have to change inside Pharo and Pharo will have to become much more dynamic GUI wise to make dynamic themes much easier to implement.
Nireas is part of my Ephestos project, so this is why it appears inside an Ephestos menu and hopefully I will keep working it as customising Pharo GUI is something that I find really interesting and fun,
As always comments, insults, worship and rage is more than welcomed. 8LDSy22nPnkalQ2rem9vqgvQIrfc4pjPFa6cAPkC-fQ

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