[ANN] Hubcap – a SmalltalkHub API and browser for Pharo


as I wanted to browse the SmalltalkHub contents directly from within Pharo image
I wrote a simple browser:

  Gofer it
     url: 'http://www.smalltalkhub.com/mc/TorstenBergmann/Hubcap/main';
     configurationOf: 'Hubcap';

Attached is a screenshot. Works on Pharo 4.0. Still not finished but maybe it is 
already useful to others as well.

One can access the tool from the world menu, implementation lives in 
"Hubcap-Tools" package. The UI shows and allows to filter users, shows
their projects and packages. Special icons display the state (loaded, 
modified, public writable, ...). One can load from the UI or open Monticello tools.

The "Hubcap-Core" package includes an API to query STHub and write
expressions like:

   HubClient new allProjectsForUserNamed: 'TorstenBergmann' 

   HubClient new hasUserNamed: 'TorstenBergmann'

So "Hubcap-Core" may be usefull to people who want to build other tools
that depend on STHub infos. Basic documentation lives on 


and as class comment on ConfigurationOfHubcap.

Beware: the tool is sill not optimized, any clicking involves a query 
to STHub (hope STHub will not crash when many people use it). API
may still undergo changes in the future.

Also teams are not yet supported as STHub still returns an MNU error 
in the REST interface: http://www.smalltalkhub.com/hub/teams?term=Pharo
Anyone able to fix that?

Thanks to Stephan Eggermonts who gave me the initial idea with some code
I've found in "Deprecation finder" and to Sven for the easy to use NeoJSON

Contributors can just commit, the project is public.

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