Pharo Android VM is now working

Jean-Baptiste Arnaud just announced it…
Now the prototype of the Pharo Android VM works.
– Events are managed
– Resolution up to 1080p is managed.
– Most of the plugins seems to work.
– File plugin allows you to browse the sd card.
– fix the generator then jenkins. Merge with Pharo/Cog main and Make it available for the public.
– allow easy personalisation of the packaging, allow you to rename and change icon easily (for your own application, Squeak/Pharo Android VM, Phratch, DR geo, etc.).
– refine the jumpout logic to have a better graphical update and a better idle process (less consumption, faster reactive UI, UI updating during heavy computation, etc. ).
– package the android feature in the android plugin, show/hide the keyboard via primitive, etc. etc. + init configuration.
-many cool ideas but for later 🙂
Here is a youtube video to show the result:
Best Regards

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