There is no such thing as an unworthy change

Every time we improve the system with a little change, the system gets better. And in Pharo we do it daily. Thank you all for all your changes and enhancements. **You** make Pharo cool.

14000 FilterTest needs to be moved to a Debugger test package

14004 SpecLayout>>asArray(result is shadowed)

14001 MethodModified>>newMethod: (newMethod is Undeclared)

14010 Small code critics clean of Ring
13924 Adding a new method to a trait triggers a MethodRecategorized announcement for each user
13971 clean asReactiveVariable -> asValueHolder

13997 Small code critic clean of Collections-Streams

13992 NautilusRefactoring stores into method argument

13994 AJx86AssemblerTests>>testRegistersOf:(asm is shadowed)
13901 move DoubleLinkedListTests, LRUCacheTests and TTLCacheTests from Tests

13996 RBSentNotImplementedRule wrong
13993 remove two undeclared in System-Announcemetns

13990 RBImplementedNotSentRule slow
13205 Temporary variable declaration in blocks

13989 Temporary variables not read and writen in Gofer-Core

13837 remove TextEditorDialogWindow autoaccept preference

13987 remove empty package Settings-Tools
13985 OrderedCollection>>#do: and #reverseDo: are not consistent with the other enumerations

13986 move DebugSystemSettings to DebuggerModel package

13981 Nautilus should allow to compare two methods
13979 PragmaMenuBuilder relies on modifying a collection while iterating over it.

13983 Temporary variables not read AND written in LinkedList

13984 Temporary variables not read and written in ByteString class>>#initialize
13421 Problem in Monticello and the cached packages

13955 Rewrite Lint rules to use common tools

13928 Failing test: RBSearchTest>>#testAllSearches

13865 Cleaning menuMorph

13977 Temporary variable list is not read nor write in AnnouncementSpy>>#build

13976 MNU formattedCode on EyeSyntaxTreeInspector showing a RBLiteralNode

13962 canPerform: same as canUnderstand:

13943 Nautilus Refactoring 8: rename “showHierarchy”
13974 creating menus for ListModels is broken
13888 Clean the use of spec to initialize widget in the morphicAdapter hierarchy

13964 The examples in class WidgetExamples should be on the class side

13966 Cleanup MorphicTests package

13963 Cleanup Morphic-Widgets-Tree package

13968 Provide clickable examples for Athens

13970 Fix category typo in ProtoObject

13937 Unused methods in Slot package

13961 Job examples should be executable

13965 Clean method announcements : fix Monticello-Tests bug

13956 Clean method announcements – step 3

13954 Clean method announcements – step 2

13953 Clean method announcements – step 1

13927 Failing test: #testCurrentPackagesDoesNotContainScriptLoader

13960 Growl example in comment deprecated

7591 in 4.0, unskip #testMethodsWithUnboundGlobals

13849 PointerExplorer item menu needs PointerEyeElement to implement #accessorCode

12503 unreferenced parameter in SortHierarchically>>buildHierarchyForClasses:fromPackage:

13861 make NOCController default OController

13952 Pool access lookup crash

13811 Improve Pharo Environment Help Text

13929 RBBasicLintRuleTest class implements protocols

13930 remove empty packages NOCompiletion and NECompletion-Tests

13915 Remove apparently unneeded reference to ThreadSafeTranscript

13951 Small Settings Cleanup

13938 Opal, custom compilers and class side methods

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