Another week of improvements in PharoLand

13941 [FEATURE]: Configuration Browser: Switch to Any Repository

13938 Opal, custom compilers and class side methods

13897 check for argument assignments (block and method argumentts)

13413 Support string operations in AsmJit

13926 Assign to args in RBRefactoryTestDataApp>>#demoRenameMethod:PermuteArgs:

13153 Comment of FreeTypeProvider refers to FileDirectory and it should not

13726 Forward port Pharo4: 13725 NativeBoost crashes when reading null pointer field in a structure

13390 Support NB options with non-boolean values

13911 Metacello test packages not properly unload

13721 Failing test: RBRenameMethodTes>>#testRenameTestMethod1

13631 Deprecate method refactoring

13916 RBLiteralArrayNode uses #to:do: instead of #with:do: (Coding Idiom Violation)

13918 RBMessageNode uses #to:do: instead of #with:do: (Coding Idiom Violation)

13885 Integration report is not showing the changes integrated

13566 should remove this kind of isKindOf:

13865 Cleaning menuMorph

13902 inconsistent behaviour when debugging Pharo3.0

13858 Backport 3.0 case 13857

13910 Add return to Magnitude>>compareWith:ifLesser:ifEqual:ifGreater:

13880 store into method argument: can not recompile standardizeDevVersionString:

13881 Refactoring to PSMCPatchMorph to allow dispatching

13908 RBPragmaNode uses #to:do: instead of #with:do: (Coding Idiom Violation)

13906 Move to class refactoring gives DNU

13909 Instance variable previous in RBProgramNodeTest is not referenced

13894 Class side initialize methods should be runnable in Nautilus

13907 RBSequenceNode uses #to:do: instead of #with:do: (Coding Idiom Violation)

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