HelloPharo: Smooth deployment of Pharo Web Apps


At Ta Mère, we are used to deploy Ruby/Rails application with Heroku or on VPS with Capistrano. Almost everybody uses the same tools and techniques in the Rails community so deployment is quite easy once you grasp the process.

The same process was quite frustrating with Pharo. To solve that, we’ve built HelloPharo. It is a tool to deploy small apps to a Linux VPS/VM.

It is heavily inspired by Capistrano, it prones convention over configuration and it wants to be full stack (e.g., serve the assets, restart the processes). It is built with Ansible.
We haven’t released a fixed version yet but the tool starts to be in a good-enough shape to be shown. We want to grab some feedback and fix the most obvious limitations (see the README for more) before releasing version 0.1.0.
If you or your company uses a well defined process to deploy pharo webapps, we are all ears. We think that having a canonical way to deploy simple apps is a must if we want to see wider Pharo adoption for small web companies. This process *must* be Unix friendly if we want to attract Python or Ruby people. Most of them are Devops anyway, the command line is their friend, NOT something they want to avoid.
Pull requests (for code or instructions in the README) are more than welcome. The code and the documentation are MIT licensed.



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