Another powerweek for Pharo

13701 Duplicated methods in menuMorph

13700 AlignmentMorph cleaning

13683 Morph>>changeColor should be an extension of ColorPicker

13687 HSVAColorSelectorMorph should be moved to ColorPicker

13697 Yet another cleanup of MessageBrowser API

13698 Small cleanup of Model and the UI package

13696 Nautilus Refactoring 1: Classlist widget

13694 Small cleanup in System-Changes

13695 cleanup MessageBrowser API a little

13666 Small Code critique cleanup of Kernel

13677 Move WindowEvent to Morphic-Core

13692 Small cleanup GroupManageUI: #prettyName not needed (same as printString now on methods and classes)

13670 Encoder (class from Old Compiler) is referenced by BlockLocalTempCounter

13691 Small Code Critique clean in Morphic-Widgets-Pluggable

13689 Wrong context when debugging a warning

13684 missing code completion in Spotlight

13519 Problem when printing heaps

13571 Something is completely broken regarding Slice submission

13675 safer windows enumeration

13676 safer usage of KMBuffer in HandMorph >> #generateMouseEvent:

13669 CompilerNotifying test failing on main build

13674 safer access to top current window

13667 Delete empty package System-Tools

13664 Remove all references to CodeHolder

13629 Polymorph-Widgets still extends ThreadSafeTranscript

13661 Shadow variables in kernel Context

13662 Merging Opal branch with trunk

13625 we can merge System-Tools with Tool-Base

13570 Add-Halo, menu, mouse on export…. hangs image

13654 Pressing Enter in EyeInspector gives MNU: TextModel>>asText

13653 Add Additional Basic Pharo help to the System Help browser

13660 reduce references to StringHolder

13655 System-Localization and Gettext have classes with identical names

13656 remove CompiledMethod searchForClass and searchForSelector

13657 Remove at: check from RBConsistencyCheckRule

13648 remove VTermInputDriver

13651 move font related methods in BitBlt to Graphics-Fonts package

13649 move ThreadSafeTranscript >> #codePaneMenu:shifted: to Tool-Transcript package

13647 unimplemented #poolDictionaries called by Class, TClass and Trait

13652 move class side ThreadSafeTranscript examples, menuCommandOn: and open to Tool-Transcript package

13645 Small CodeCritique Cleanup of Network-Mail

13643 Move extensions of Package Compiler to Kernel

13642 remove registration of #userManager from ToolsRegistry

12975 Metacello ProfStef use inexistant browse:selector:

13644 Small Codecritic cleanup of Network-MIME

13646 MIMELocalFileDocument seems to be dead code

13638 remove SUnitUnloader

13588 Rename inst var should rename accessors too

13568 Better error message when using “-” prefix

13632 MetaLinks for Globals

13633 Some repacking of Network: NetworkSystemSettings and RFC822

13634 remove empty package PackageInfo

13568 Better error message when using “-” prefix

13632 MetaLinks for Globals

13633 Some repacking of Network: NetworkSystemSettings and RFC822

13634 remove empty package PackageInfo

13630 Links on Class Variables

10034 Remove PackageInfo from system

13623 Move DynamicMessageImplementor close to DebugSession

13621 remove old BreakPoints for now

13624 remove DifferatorSystemSettings

13622 Small Cleanup related to StringHolder and Explorer

13620 LinkWrapper Slot: first working version

13611 add MorphicCoreUIManager

13619 Small cleanup related to Explorer

13604 MorphicModel: ivar accessor only used by Slide and not needed even there

13617 Fixing some tools package extension

13613 move tests from Multilingual-OtherLanguages to Multilingual-Tests package

13614 move RBProgramNode>>#method to accessing category

13616 Lost browseChangesFile: was lost

13608 remove ThumbnailMorph

13610 Taskbar can be packaged separately

13612 Move polymorph extension to workspace

13609 WorkArea could be removed

13615 Finish to split Tools

13592 Small RB Tests cleanup

13589 deprecated TimeStamp

13590 TimeStamp has still instances

13591 unload tests Metacello-TestsTutorial

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