Another week of changes

Another great list of changes and improvements in Pharo.

13605 Slider can use setValueSelector instead of accessor everywhere

13603 remove extensions classOrMetaClass and messageName form Context

13598 MorphicModel ivar open: not used

13602 SmalltalkImage >> #openLog dependent on Tools

13601 Add in group DNU

13600 DiffereratorSettings –> move to TextDiffBuilder

13594 Reduce references to CodeHolder

13597 Implement #readsSlot and #writesSlot on CompiledMethod (and tests)

13595 PluggableSystemWindow is dead code

13596 remove package TT.cs

13592 Small RB Tests cleanup

13589 deprecated TimeStamp

13590 TimeStamp has still instances

13591 unload tests Metacello-TestsTutorial


13576 Small code critique cleanup Graphics-Primitives

13587 add tests to make sure globals and class vars use the right bindings

13580 move UnixEnvironment and Win32Environment to NativeBoost


13574 ModelOrNil has only one sender so we should rewrite it and remove it.

13578 safer RPackageOrganizer>>systemMethodRemovedActionFrom:

13585 use term Class Variable, not Shared Variablem in ClassModification

13584 Forward code generation for Globals and Class Vars to meta object

13586 Class Variables should be ClassVariables, not Globals

13581 move ThreadSafeTranscriptPluggableTextMorph to own package named Tool-Transcript

13583 #senders and #implementors on Symbol

13579 MCPatchOperation >> #patchWrapper should be moved to package Polymorph-Tools-Diff

13582 Deprecated #classSymbol

13552 First Class Variables: improve reflective API, ClassBuilder use objects, not string for Globals

13275 RBSmalllintChecker checks classes not defined in environment

13577 UIManager should not use WorldState for defer:

13575 TreeModel in checklist mode gives unchecked items hardcoded color

13571 Something is completely broken regarding Slice submission

13558 PluggableTextFieldMorph should be packaged in PluggableTextMorph

12879 Rename and Recategorize RPackage>>#correspondingMcPackage

13572 little clean of SimpleSwitchMorph and comment

13515 GrafPort and EllipseMidpointTracer should not be in Morphic package

13563 Fix sender of deprecated RPackageOrganizer>>#renamePackage:in: method

6765 Refactoring Extract into Temporary should modify all duplicates

13565 extensions of Polymorph on Polymorph class should be folded in these classes

5618 Refactoring: Cannot permutate arguments

13540 Debugger: method refactoring option

13569 Small Code critique cleanup of MonticelloGUI

13567 Small code critique clean Polymorph

12205 Cleanup gofer>>#directory:

13125 The Find&Replace dialog does not honor the Appearance font size setting

11287 Form class>>fromUserWithExtent: freezes because Rectangle class>>originFromUser:grid: is broken.

13550 Should remove the 30 inbox from pharo 40alpha

13564 Fix all users of TimeStamp: remove Tests, change two remaining clients

13562 remove UUIDGeneration seed generation from sound input

13561 remove some unload class methods

13560 remove DSA seed generation from sound input

13555 IconicListItem should be packaged in Widgets-Basic

13556 ImagePreviewMorph could be packaged close to AlphaImageMorph

13559 ControlButtonMorph and PluggableButtonMorph could be moved to Widgets-Base

13557 Github zip download does not check for the existence of file with the same name

13551 Not all SmartSugs works in Debugger

12790 AthensSurfaceExamples class side examples do not work due to subclassResponsibility

13538 RowScrollerMorph us unused and undocumented



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