One single Motto: many small changes have large effects


13470 testClassRespectsPolymorphismWithTrait is failing

13473 Class Password is unused –> move to Deprecated40

13472 InputEventSensorSystemSettings can be removed


13466 convertStepList –> cleanStepList (no need to keep the conversation code forever)

13468 move methods from AST-Intepreter-Extensions to *-Core

13469 Package EventModel is unused –> remove

13467 #cleanUpForProduction should unload Versionner

13465 API for getting globals from class

13464 Small code critique cleanup in Files

7321 Consolidate order preserving dictionaries

13462 remove package FuelHacks

13461 Slots: GlobalVariable and more class creation methods

13460 When selecting a UI Theme in the Setting, it should call #installFullTheme


13450 Squaring the circle (AthensWrapMorph)

13459 {Slots} special class definition template for Slots (incomplete for playing)

13455 Revert 13275 RBSmalllintChecker checks classes not defined in environment

13433 pinning menu: menu changes size

13411 Some Slot instances left…re-run cleanup

13453 add LinkWrapper and some comments for Slots

13454 Failing test: SlotIntegrationTest.testSlotScopeParallelism

13415 Smalltalk resetTools breaks keybindings

13417 Failing tests: ClassDescriptionTest #testClassDescriptionRespectsPolymorphismWithTraitDescription

13451 For Pharo4: 13422 Image crashes because an open Nautilus browser hangs onto many objects

13445 CompiledMethod>>#messagesDo: has just two users… should be deprecated

13444 #ensureClassPool and classPoolFrom: can be deprecated

13446 Only InstanceVariableSlots have an #index

13441 Small code critique cleanup in Tools

13442 add test to classes for checking non-ivar slots are used

13443 remove #storeDataOn: from SmalltalkImage

13436 delete empty packages Tabs and NewList

13434 No need for #openBrowser

13435 Clean ChangeList

13275 RBSmalllintChecker checks classes not defined in environment

12551 Unused class CurveMorph

13432 Small tool cleanup: VersionBrowser api, Implementors of

13369 Move NautilusRefactoring-Refactorings to Refactorings package

13430 CodeRewritingRule can be folded in its superclass

13374 Move row and Stack Layout close to their superclass

13373 Polymorph Pluggable class should be investigated and move to Morphic-Widgets-Pluggable



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