Call for DrGeo Participation


Because we are a smart and cool community we deserve to build great project! Pharo is our power horse, our charismatic leaders show us the path of step by step work, stone after stone to build the great Pharo lighthouse! It is fun and exciting, it makes us feel smart and we want to share this feeling with other to participate as well.


This is why I am doing Dr. Geo, to share how cool is Pharo, how great it makes you fell to write an application with it.

A Dr. Geo user, contrary to the other same class software (i.e. interactive geometry), can dive from the application level to the programming level instantly, without superfluous cost (no need to install JAVA dev environement and IDE, etc.)

Watch DrGeo on TV!

Dr. Geo typical user is a curious, a teacher or a student, for me they all deserve the best, and the best is “you can dive into Dr Geo and learn from it, modify it.” Remember the Dan Ingalls quote: “If a system is to serve the creative spirit, it must be entirely comprehensible to a single individual.” This is where we stand, it is our strong hold, and the DrGeo strong hold.

I want DrGeo to evolve faster, I have been doing the hard job to port to Athens and I got beaten with unstabilized features, but now the hard part is done, and it is time to move faster and quicker. Nowdays, programming at school is coming back as the new promise land for education, it is a unique chance for DrGeo and its programming feature to bring its stone.

To push forward, I have filled tickets for new features or improvements. Fell free to comment or to add new idea. I need you to make it real

Thanks to read


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