TaskIt: Handling Processes Nicely

S. Bragagnolo announced TaskIt.  Task IT is package that provides a cool way to deal with processes. Even when this version is stable, it still in design and we want to make it consistent and powerfull. It comes with a chapter in pharo enterprise book and some cool tests. 
We have moved the main distribution repo to CAR
The main easy things to do with this revision are:

” closures “
val := [ 2+2 ] shootIt.
val isKindOf: TKTFuture.
val onSuccess: [: rslt | rslt == 4 ] “async”
val value == 4. ” sync “
rslt := [ 2+2 ] shootIt asResult.
rslt == 4 “sync on demand”
” objects “
val := 2 paralellize + 2.
val == 4 “sync on demand”
” staying in tune “
val := [ “some task” ] shootIt asStickyReference.
val := nil.
” sticky means that if this future is taken by the GC, it will kill the process”

” looping  “

val := server paralellize looping serveOnce: anyParameter asStickyReference.
“this will execute in a new process, in a loop, server serveOnce: anyParameter.”
You can stop it by doing
val:= nil.

“or using a disgusting magic variable, for that check the samples :). But do not rely on that kind of things, because it will not be supported “

For more advanced and cool usages, check the Doc.


1- Yes, the “sync” on demand is implemented with a proxy and a become.

2- Yes, we are changing the API of the processes that persist in time.

  All CAR team in general was great inspiration, particularly, Guille Polito full operational commiter and  of course is always a good idea to discuss with him,  Nick Papoylias, is also great to discuss with him. Luc, Noury, Jannik: several ideas are discussed with them as well, and they always gave me support.

and from RMOD Esteban Lorenzano, also discussing and proposing.

Thanks all :).
If you want to go to the darkside (dark because is not documented yet, but in the case of PoolIT, that it has some doc ) you can also add to your combo:
ActIT: a simple Actor extention for taskit.
ForkIT: an extention that runs blocks in background image (it adds a nice button to the test runner, letting you run all your tests in a background image and installing the results after the execution)
PoolIT: it adds a pool of workers, it consumes tasks and ensure you a limited amount of threads.
PlanIT: a basic and not yet full developed algebra for composing processes.

I encourage you to use it, it is being used in PhaROS since a lot  of time. And please any bug and enhancements, you can contact us. Since we are working on the next version is a good time to define what features are really needed.


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