Another week of enhancements

13343 Should move some spec morphic adapter extensions to their classes

11987 Launching ProfStef should now require initials

12579 SyntaxErrorNotification>>messageText


13341 small simplification: #morphicLayerNumberWithin:

13345 Fix some references to non-existing classes: MethodContext, MIMEType

12859 colorChangedForSubmorph: unused

13308 MNU in EyeMorphViewer

13242 SUnit shows wrong test result when Warning subclass signals on a test case method

13340 tiny recategorization of uncategorised methods

13332 fix #cleanUpForProduction for 4

13336 FontChooser and FontInfrastructure do not have the 40 repository added to themselves.

12860 valueOfProperty: #fileListModel.

13326 Gofer: Add loadBleedingEdge

13330 Small code critique cleanup in Tools

13089 reciprocalFloorLog: should be deprecated or just removed

13303 komitter is still using Pharo30Inbox as destination of new slices

13320 Clean old condense sources/changes

13321 findSubstringViaPrimitive: key in: body startingAt: start matchTable: matchTable do not rely to correct character in source.

13319 Small recategorization in Network-MIME to test money

13262 UITestCase in wrong package

13289 Failing test: ReleaseTest>>#testObsoleteClasses

13288 Failing test: CodeSimulationTests>>#testErrorCodeNotFound

13316 Nautilus sorts instVarNames

13277 Speed up String>>=

13286 Failing test: testBehaviorRespectsPolymorphismWithTraitBehavior

13314 Workspace save to file on accept does not take line ending settings into account

13281 Wrong environment when browsing scoped

13301 Update metacelloPlatformAttributes

13267 Settings Browser: Missing fields and file-dialogs in the Appearance Section

13285 duplicated test: testLocalMethodsOfTheClassShouldNotBeRepeatedInItsTraits


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