BabyMock Two

Attila Magyar announced today a new version of his excellent mock library. Here is the anounce.

I’m pleased to announce the 2.0 version of BabyMock. BabyMock is a visual
mock object library that supports test-driven development.

This version has a new syntax which is incompatible with the old version.
Therefore it has a new repository!/~zeroflag/BabyMock2
(BabyMock 1 is still available at its old location, but in the future I’d to
focus on the development of BabyMock2, so don’t expect too many changes
regarding the old version).

Changes in 2.0

– A new, extensible DSL (no more should/can)
– Improved error messages, history of messages, detailed information about
argument mismatches
– An improved, Spec based GUI
– Clicking on a mock opens an inspector on the expectations
– Clicking on a message opens an inspector on the message
– Object methods can be mocked by defaults
– Blocks can be executed after receiving a message by the mock. The block
has access to the arguments of the incoming message.
– Any argument matcher
– Cleanups and simplifications in the code

I hope you don’t mind the changes regarding the syntax. Personally I think
it has lot more pros than cons.

More information!/~zeroflag/BabyMock2

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