Querying Wikipedia from Pharo

Hernán Morales Durand announced a new fun library with which we can query wikipedia.

Some examples follow:

1) Retrieve in JSON movies from the beautiful Julianne Moore:

| jsonResults |
jsonResults := DBPediaSearch new
        timeout: 5000;
        query: 'SELECT DISTINCT ?filmName WHERE {
  ?film foaf:name ?filmName .
  ?film dbpedia-owl:starring ?actress .
  ?actress foaf:name ?name.
  FILTER(contains(?name, "Julianne"))
  FILTER(contains(?name, "Moore"))

To actually get only the titles using NeoJSON:

((((NeoJSONReader fromString: jsonResults) at: #results) at: #bindings)
    collect: [ : entry | entry at: #filmName ]) collect: [ : movie | movie
at: #value ]

2) Retrieve in XML which genre plays those crazy Dream Theater guys  :

DBPediaSearch new
        timeout: 5000;
        query: 'SELECT DISTINCT ?genreLabel
    ?resource dbpprop:genre ?genre.
    ?resource rdfs:label "Dream Theater"@en.
    ?genre rdfs:label ?genreLabel
    FILTER (lang(?genreLabel)="en")
 LIMIT 100';

More examples are available in DBPediaSearch class side. You can install it
from the Configuration Browser.
If you want to contribute, just ask me and you will be added as contributor.
Best regards,


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