VM Simulator is now running Pharo in Pharo

Stefan Marr is doing an important job for the VM. He worked on the virtual machine simulator.

Here is the announce of Stefan:

Now the simulator for the StackInterpreter running in a Pharo 3 image is running 🙂

Over the last years, people have been tinkering with the simulator from time to time, but I have the feeling everyone gave up before the thing was fully functioning, and not even the trivial things have found their way back into the VM code base.
I am aware that Phil was busy with it recently, but I think there was also someone else posting notes here.

Would be great if those people could send me their change sets so that I can try getting everything working again.

The simulator loads up properly, and executes the first 10,000,000 bytecodes.
Which is enough to make it notice that a primitive fails, and to pop up the error dialog.
However, it is a Pharo 1.2 image. Later images trigger some bug, I haven’t identified yet. They execute code, but don’t manage to bring up the display.

Thanks to having a unified code repository, everything I got so far (minus a few small changes) is here:

More to come soon.
Best regards


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