Commits February Week One

12830 MethodFinderTest>>testPower

11579 When adding a class variable, the monticello package is not dirty

12500 No accept/ok button in FileList

12833 IconicListItem does not give visual feedback about the enablement status

12628 KeyNotFound in RPackage>>methods in the presence of anonymous classes

12739 Class definition NOT available in the “Recover Lost Changes” tool

12255 Integrate Versionner in Pharo 3.0

12825 SimulateMouseSpecification>>testSimulateClick

12789 RPackage>>#moveClass:fromPackage:toTag: Ignores Tag

12827 Part II : Compiling a method often makes nautilus deselect the package

12522 Package filter input capture all keyboard shortcuts

12812 Class comments missing in package Spec-Tools and Spec-Tests and BlocEditor should be renamed to BlockEditor

12822 CategoryAdded announced twice when a class is created

12803 SimulationGuardException is not referenced and should therefore be moved to “Deprecated” package

12514 OCSemanticWarnings ignore “cancel” from a confirmation dialog

12824 Class comment missing for package ConfigurationCommandLineHandler

12512 SemanticAnalyzer ignores answer from UnknownSelectorWarning

12442 Nautilus brakes code when removing more than one unused local variables

12823 Class comment missing in Monticello package

12813 Class comments missing in Gofer package

12816 Class comments missing in Multilingual package

12811 Class comments missing in KernelTests packages

12789 RPackage>>#moveClass:fromPackage:toTag: Ignores Tag

12792 remove empty package ReactiveVariable

12808 #testObsoleteClasses: AnObsoleteEyeContextInspector

12817 Class comments missing for Polymorph-Widgets package

12814 FTPConnectionException is not in use and should be moved to Deprecated30 package or renamed

12801 Class comments missing in AsmJIT package

12805 Class comments missing in ClassOrganizer package

12791 Failing test: #testLocalMethodsOfTheClassShouldNotBeRepeatedInItsTraits

12795 Class comments missing for package System-FileRegistry

12799 Class comments missing in Help package

12794 Class comments missing in UpdateStreamer package

12802 Class comments missing for Kernel package

12804 Class comment missing in AST packages

12797 Class comments missing for tools package

12796 Class comments missing for Traits package

12798 Class comments missing in GroupManager package

12806 Class comment missing in package FreeType + categorizing for FreeTypeCacheTest

12800 EyeContextInspector should be renamed to EyeMethodContextInspector

12765 Athens font rendering missing letters and missizing others

12778 NB generated code user initials

12788 Please review ProtocolClient(class)>>retrieveMIMEDocument:

12781 Class comment missing for package Compression

12787 Class comment missing in package Morphic-Examples

12785 Class comment missing in Smart suggestions package

12784 Class comment missing in File package

12737 Morph sends mouseUp twice to handlers

12782 Class comments missing in Deprecated package

12783 Class comments missing in Fuel package

12772 Missing example methods in Spec

12309 Manifest-Core should be cleaned

12771 KeyNotFound: key #localSelectors not found in MethodDictionary

12769 Add a full class definition menu in nautilus

12727 Duplicated categories in Nautilus

12157 Wrong announcement of ClassModifiedClassDefinition

11670 strange MC package Generated-code-non-existing-package

12469 Sometimes an empty protocol is created

12761 Class comments missing for FileSystem package

11674 MNU: receiver of #> is nil

12762 Class comments missing in UIManager

12756 Class comments missing in System-* package


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