Commits for Weeks 3-4 (2014)


12077 MNU in AdditionalMethodState>>analogousCodeTo:

12712 make sure that all class definition messages without “poolDictionaries” part exist

12711 ReleaseTest #testObsoleteClasses fails


12701 In GZipReadStream #unzip:to: answer the new file name, but not #unzip:

11755 When removing an instance variable, far too many package are dirty after

12713 RecentMessageList>>lastClasses: includes obsolete testclasses

12726 add command line handler for ImageCleaner


12703 revert DockingBarMorph>>updatePosition

12704 clean FontMorphChooser


12519 Codepanel in ByteCode view should be read only

12693 TasklistMorph Navigation Cleanup

12705 Better implementation of a method from case 12163


12600 MessageBrowser “senders of”list adds new created messages

12692 KeyboardEvent>>#asKeyCombination ignores Option key


12687 Spec Update


12685 wrong version ordering in NewVersionBrowser compareTo

12686 Failing test: testClassRespectsPolymorphismWithTrait

12688 Fix WorldModel layout


12163 New class template without poolDictionaries: line

12632 window menu close all debuggers does not work anymore


12449 Nautilus setting “Show groups on top” breaks automatic group update

12490 Unloading package does not unload correctly


11714 NewVersionBrowser needs to be finished

12532 Unable to find sources file: blank image screen when starting Pharo30 and vm crash report

12680 RPackage>>includesClassNamed: does not ensure that name is a Symbol

12681 remove #copyReplaceAll:with:asTokens: from SquenceableCollection


12547 In the messageBrowser the [package] > [nil]


5541 SequenceableCollection>>#copyReplaceAll:with:asTokens: should be moved to string


12679 change package of ClassTrait >> #soleInstance

12649 Closing AnnouncementSpy does not unregister from associatedAnnouncer

12585 asFullRingDefinition does not (always) find the package of a method


12675 Add NativeBoost class >>#isAvailable

12674 Fix NBExternalTypeValue initialization

12673 Missing method to get the corresponding MCPackage from a RPackage

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