PunQLite: another noSQL DB for Pharo

There is a new player in the NoSql world and a bridge for Pharo made by masashi umezawa. This is a nice addition to the Pharo world and I hope that one of you will extend Voyage (that is an abstract layer on top of NoSql databases) to propose PunQLite as a back-end. Here is the announce about PunQLite.

Hi all,

I’ve developed PunQLite. UnQLite NoSQL database binding for Pharo.

UnQLite is a fast, lightweight, portable, embedded KVS with a simple  scripting engine (Jx9).

Torsen kindly wrote about PunQLite project’s beginning on his blog.

At that time, it was only a bare NativeBoost FFI interface. Now it has
become a full-fledged wrapper.

db := PqDatabase open: ‘test.db’.
db at: ‘Smalltalk’ put: ‘COOL’.
db at: ‘Pharo’ put: ‘HOT’.
db at: ‘Smalltalk’ ifPresent: [:data |
data asString inspect
Transcript cr; show: db keys.
db do: [:cursor |
Transcript cr; show: cursor currentStringKey; space; show: cursor
db close.

Moreover, it is quite fast. I wrote a simple benchmark that does many
round-trips (put/get 100000 small elements). The result is 877 msecs
(on my windows laptop). It was impressive.


[:masashi | ^umezawa]


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